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Jed Dominic Adao's blog


Hi I’m Jed or better known as My full name is Jed Dominic Adao. I am in my 20's (23 as of August 2014) and I currently reside in Quezon City, Philippines. Mainly, I'm a practitioner of Sociology,a Microsoft YouthSpark advocate, a comic book fanatic and a frustrated chef.

Currently, I'm the project coordinator of TechSoup Asia-Pacific, and I mainly handle the fields of marketing and customer service.


Every nonprofit’s journey with us begin in the same note - with a need for technology. But, as seemingly simple our services may be, we were quite surprised to learn that it actually isn’t so. From providing newfound convenience, to expanding limits, and, to discovering unexpected opportunities; there is in fact more to our services than you think – better yet than we originally thought possible.



The latest version of Microsoft Office is here! Eligible not-for-profits, charities and libraries can now request Office Standard and Office Professional through the Microsoft Software Donation Program.

New Office

Microsoft Office offers a number of new features and benefits over Office 2010, including:


We at TechSoup Asia believe that non-profits deserve nothing but the best kinds of technology. Worried about the cost? Don’t worry, we got it covered. Want to know more? Here are a few points to note:

Empowering your organization is just a click away

Almost, if not all, of our services can be accessed through our website. This way we can assure you that your non-profit can have access to tech-solutions whenever, wherever.

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