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Choosing between GIMP and Photoshop is not about which software is generally better, instead, it’s about which is better suited for your nonprofit’s case. As similar as these two may appear, they each are best suited to different kinds of users.

In this entry, we’ll help you decide by identifying the questions you need to ask regarding your nonprofit. Remember, it’s less about the software itself and more about your nonprofit’s compatibility to it.

P.S. The specific versions I’m comparing in this blog are GIMP 2.8.6 and Photoshop CS6

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Are your staff spread across several locations? Do you have a limited budget for IT support like installations and upgrades? Are your staff and volunteers requesting to work from personal devices, such as their smartphones or tablets? Your charity might be ready to migrate to the cloud. But you might also have some trepidation about going completely online, especially if you're working with sensitive information.


Are you looking for a low cost image editing solution? You may not have heard of GIMP, but it is an open source image editing program that is worth considering. It has some of the features of programs like Adobe Photoshop, and is a free solution for basic image editing.But before you start downloading, allow me to provide you with an overview of GIMP.

Introducing GNU Image Manipulation Program


Probably the best way to get noticed in Facebook is through posting images. So, to help your nonprofit to really establish a virtual presence, one way to do it is through using image posts.

In this entry, we’ll help you fill your nonprofit’s timeline with enticing images by talking about topics including image scaling and themes that you can choose from to help you develop image posts.


  Scaling images  



Autism Society Philippines – Laguna Chapter (ASP-Laguna) is a nonprofit located in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. The organization is mainly comprised of dedicated parents and professionals. Since 1997, these parents and professionals have tirelessly worked to help create a community that can support our fellow persons with autism and other developmental disorders.

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Hi my name is Sandika Wijaya Aji, or you can just call me Sandika. I am 34 years old, a graduate of economics, and currently, I’m completing my post-graduate studies in the field of public administration. But basically, I am just a simple man from Jakarta, the biggest city in Indonesia.


Choosing a cover photo and/or a profile picture for your Facebook page may seem like a very simple task. But, regardless of how easy the task is, it shouldn’t discount for the significant contributions of these photos to your page’s popularity. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire entry just to help you develop proper cover photos and profile pictures for your nonprofits Facebook page.


This past Sunday (June 30, 2013) marked the last day of the fiscal year 2012 to 2013. In celebration of the year that was, we invite you to just stop for a while and join us in this short recap. Together, let’s take a look back to what we, along with your help, have accomplished this past year.


Tadlac Elementary School is a public school located in a small barangay in Los Baños, Laugna, Philippines. The school is mainly populated by children coming from underprivileged families that rely on fishing and selling junked metal scraps as a source of livelihood. 


Hi I’m Jed or better known as My full name is Jed Dominic Adao. I am in my 20's (23 as of August 2014) and I currently reside in Quezon City, Philippines. Mainly, I'm a practitioner of Sociology,a Microsoft YouthSpark advocate, a comic book fanatic and a frustrated chef.

Currently, I'm the project coordinator of TechSoup Asia-Pacific, and I mainly handle the fields of marketing and customer service.

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