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Beginner's Guide to Tableau & Data Visualization


When we say Data Analysis, it is common for us casual users to initially think about Excel. Quoting one speaker I encountered before, we often 'live in spreadsheets' when it comes to anything related to data, generating libraries worth of spreadsheets for all important sets of information that needs to be recorded.

As easy as it is for us to use and rely on spreadsheets, the convenience it brings to us is sadly short-lived. If you are planning to document data throughout a long stretch of time (i.e. a historical report of all donations received by your NGO), sadly, a simple spreadsheet might not be enough to cater for all of your needs. You can simply create multiple ones, but then again, the drawback is that it would prove to be difficult for you should you need to generate reports or compare data across multiple ones.

With an eye towards helping your NGO to have a more efficient data management and analysis system, we are happy to introduce to you one of our donor partners, Tableau. With Tableau, your organization can enjoy the ability to generate reports across multiple datasheets – and yes, that even includes several Excel spreadsheets too. With this, not only are you able to manage massive records of data more effectively and more conveniently, but also, you are provided with the privilege to continue relying on good old Excel’s spreadsheets in compiling data.


A beginner’s guide to Tableau

To help you get started, you may see below a previous webinar held by TechSoup Global. In this webinar, you will be given a crash course that will help you learn how to use Tableau’s most essential features including developing data visualizations & generating reports from one or more spreadsheets/datasets that you may have:

You may also access the written transcription of the webinar here.


Other helpful guides

Would you want to learn more about Tableau? They are in fact offering a wide variety of video courses that can help you to fully utilize the product’s potential and assist you in developing an effective data analysis and reporting system.

Should you want more learning materials, just feel free to visit: Tableau Training Videos


Get Tableau today

Tableau is available to all qualified NGOs that are registered in TechSoup. You can request or learn more about it here.