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Must-Try Facebook Tools for Your Like Pages


Yet again, Facebook has proved how integral of a marketing tool it is through the release of a new function called Call-to-Action. Basically, it’s a button that allows like pages to be linked directly to a product, website, etc.

In line with this newly added tool, we’ll help you really make the most out of your like pages by exploring the various other tools that you may have missed! From tools to help you understand your audience up to those that can help you target specific people with your posts, here are some of your like pages’ functions that you should definitely try:


  • Targeting

Does your like page have a diverse audience? If so, then learning how to use the target function can go a really long way for you! Breezing through it, targeting is basically a function that can allow your posts to be visible only to a specific set of people. The criteria that you can use can go from as common as age, gender and location to as unusual as relationship status, educational status and/or even interests!

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When should I use it? Targeting is particularly useful if you have posts that are in a different language, applicable to a specific location or are appropriate for a specific audience only.

How to use it? Just click the crosshair button at the far left corner beside location. From there, you’ll be then provided with the option to provide specifications for each demographic (e.g. gender, age, etc.).



  • Scheduling

Updating your organization’s like page can be a tedious and a time-consuming job if ever you’re the type who’d look for and create posts every single day. To be able to manage your time more effectively, try developing posts by the bulk and have them scheduled for publishing. This will help you free up a ton of your time and even save you from the stress and hassle of publishing content every single day!

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When should I use it? Scheduling is particularly effective if you have a ton of readily available content that just needs to be posted, say if you have upcoming events or whatnot that needs to be publicized.

How to use it? Before publishing, just click the arrow beside the Post button and this will reveal a dropdown selection that includes Schedule Post. Simply click it to set the time and date when you want your post to be published on your timeline. In addition, you can continue to make changes to your post while it hasn’t been published yet.



  • Save as Draft

Do you have multiple people handling your organization’s like page all at the same time? Utilizing the Save as Draft function can help you monitor and curate what your colleagues are (planning on) posting in your page – before they can even publish it!

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When should I use it? Creating drafts is an integral tool if you’re administering your like page along with a team. This can help you reassure that the content you and your colleagues are posting have all the right information and are in line with your page’s purpose.

How to use it? Similar to scheduling posts, just click the arrow beside the Post button and this will reveal a dropdown selection that will include the Save as Draft option. Page administrators can then access and edit all of the drafted posts from the Drafts submenu found in the Activity Tab (located at the menu bar at the uppermost part of your like page).



  • Insights

Not sure why your posts aren’t raking in as much likes as you’ve expected? Well, maybe people aren’t seeing them! One way to find out is through Facebook Insights. This is a tool that will give you easy-to-digest statistical information about your audience. Information provided here include what your audience’s basic demographic characteristics are (age, gender, etc.), how many people your posts are reaching, and most of all, what time and day your audience is most active!

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When should I use it? It’s advisable for you to check and collect data from your page’s insights every week. Regularly checking your page’s insights is necessary since the information available there would only reflect your performance from the past 7 days. That said, relying on a single set of data may not help you determine accurate trends in the long run.

How to use it? You can easily access all of the information you’re going to need through the Insights tab at the uppermost part of your like page. Don’t know what to make of the information found in Facebook Insights? Here’s an article that can help you: Know Your Audience: Guide to Facebook Insights



  • Suggested Pages to Watch

Another useful tool that you should keep in mind is the Pages to Watch. This particular tool works just like Facebook Insights, but rather than tracking your page’s performance, it instead tracks the engagement performance of other pages which you’ve liked.

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When should I use it? Just like Insights, it’s suggested to track and collect data from your Pages to Watch regularly. This regular chore would definitely help you better identify booming trends in social media activity such as hot topics and other whatnot by reading through the performance of other similar pages. From there, you can then adjust your posts to match these trends and maximize your post and page’s visibility!

How to use it? Information about your suggested pages can be accessed at the bottom of the Overview section under the Insights Tab. On the other hand, to be able to add a page to your Pages to Watch, just click the Add Pages button at the Pages to Watch and just type in the like page’s name at the search bar.



  • Call-to-Action

One of the recent additions to these useful tools is Facebook’s Call-to-Action button. Simply speaking, this is a button (found in your cover photo) that will directly link users from your page to an external page such as your organization’s website, app, shop or other whatnot.

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When should I use it? This is extremely useful if your organization is directly promoting a product, a website, an app or basically anything under the sun!

How to use it? The Call-to-Action button can be seen at the right hand corner of your cover photo. Just click that and from there you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments to it. Through the Call-to-Action button, you can entice users visiting your page to sign up for a program, watch a video, purchase a product and more!


Content is King

On the other hand, regardless of how effective you are in using these tools, success will still primarily rely on the kind of content you're posting on your like pages. So, to help give your social media presence a really big boost, here's a webinar recording that'll guide you on how you can tailor your content in order for it to be more engaging!