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#WeSpeakCode: Learning to Code as the New Language

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Coding is for everyone that was the key message of #WeSpeakCode in Jakarta.

#WeSpeakCode is a week-long series of workshops hosted by Microsoft, the YCAB Foundation and TechSoup Asia, which are specifically dedicated to introducing coding to students, women and nonprofits.

In its session last 25th of March, I had the pleasure of joining over 30 delegates coming from various nonprofits at @america Pacific Place in Jakarta, for a day packed with workshops and talks, all dedicated to helping everyone to learn more about coding.


Value of Coding

Learning to code provides anyone, techie or not, a unique and invaluable skill – the ability to cope with the growing complexity of diversity of available technology. By learning how to code, basically anyone will develop the ability to understand how these technologies work, and most of all, how they’re developed. Hence, through #WeSpeakCode, attendees of the workshop were given this wonderful opportunity to expand their knowledge, and most of all, given the potential asl to create a technology solution of their own!


Learning Code with

The learning code session was guided by Hadi Alathas, CTO of Madina Technologies. Hadi was responsible for creating a Windows app called Momento, a popular mobile photo editor that has now reached over 1.3 million downloads.

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Using the platform, Hadi gave us an interesting introductory tutorial on coding which we followed along using the tablets provided. Through as easy as dragging and dropping blocks of code, allowed us to both better understand and also see how the lines of code work! At the end of it, we understood how coding worked as a language that we can use to talk to a computer.


Yearning for More

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At the end of the day, the event was successful as it not only helped the nonprofits in attendance to better understand the process and value of coding, but, it did as well give them a yearning to learn more about technology! Following that, the nonprofits in attendance now look forward to broadening their knowledge on everyday technology most especially on using cloud, digital marketing and even as far as creating websites!