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Flashback: Netsquared Manila Launch

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Is your nonprofit looking for a unique learning opportunity? Well then, heads up guys as Netsquared has finally been launched in Manila, Philippines!

Through Netsquared, nonprofits, government organizations, funders and basically anyone who’s interested in using technology for good can now connect and learn from one another through regularly held casual meetups!


A unique learning opportunity

With TechSoup mainly focusing on providing nonprofits with the access to the tools they will need, there is still the question of whether the nonprofits are able to make the most out of these tools. In response to that, TechSoup initiated Netsquared, an offshoot program that supplements the access to software donations with casual meetups where nonprofits can meet and learn from their fellow nonprofits, professionals and/or volunteers, through talks and demonstrations.

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Since it’s inception in 2006, Netsquared has made a significant impact in the global nonprofit community, hosting more than 1,500 meetups in over 80 major cities all around the globe. This long list includes Singapore, Sao Paolo, Uganda and Vancouver to name a few. In addition to that, Netsquared has also been able to engage a whopping 32,000+ volunteers, all of whom dedicating their time and expertise to help nonprofits solve their everyday techonology needs.


Manila launch

Last 24 February 2015, through the launching of Netsquared in Manila, the  community has added yet another city and another dozen (or three) volunteers to its already impressive numbers. Attracting a diverse crowd of nonprofits, tech enthusiasts and startup managers, this fun and vibrant group gathered together at co.lab xchange to learn more about Netsquared over some dinner and drinks.

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Paving the way for the next series of meetups, the launch in Manila also served as a great venue to identify the growing technology needs and interests of the local community through a rather colorful poll (I mean that literally, by the way). Major recurring interests include proper use of social media, creating and managing databases, and last but not the least, an introduction to cloud tools such as Microsoft’s Office 365. These topics would be covered by the next series of meetups.


Shoutout to the organizers

With the building blocks of a budding Netsquared community now successfully established in the Philippines, nonprofits or basically anyone who’s interested can now expect a slew of unique learning opportunities to be made available for them in the foreseeable future. But, this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the dedicted organizers composed of Jake Fadallan (World Vision Philippines), Jed Adao (TechSoup Asia), the ever awesome Celina Agation, and last but not the least, the generosity of co.lab xchange for sponsoring the venue of the launch.



See us at the next meetup

Want to learn more about Netsquared Manila and how you can join the meetups? Feel free to join our meetup page for the updates on the next sessions:


Start it in your own city

There isn't any Netsquared community yet in your own city? Don't worry! You can make a real impact by holding your own meetups. Learn how by reading through this article: Hold a Nonprofit Tech Meetup in your City >>