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Cloud storage made easy

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Understanding the Cloud can be very tricky, I know. It's hard to accept how our files can be considered as 'stored' when by the looks of it, we seem like we're sending and withdrawing them from thin air.


But, in the first issue of our Tech Made Easy series, we'll help you understand the entirety of Cloud storage by explaining it in as simple as we can - in under 60 seconds! With this, we hope that you'd fully understand the concept of Cloud storage, and prepare to move on to implementing these in your offices as well.


Ready for the Cloud?

Now that you've got a good working knowledge on what the Cloud is, time to take it further by applying for your organization's own Cloud storage today! Through your TechSoup account, you can qualify for these Cloud discounts and donations:

  • Box discountsmanage and collaborate with up to 10 of your colleagues thorugh this discount. Box is a flexible Cloud storage device that can sync easily with various  other apps such as Office 365, Office suites and more!
  • Office 365 for Nonprofits donation - part of this dynamic donation, Office 365 also allows your nonprofit to deploy an unlimited number of OneDrive accounts that are all worth a whopping 1 TB each! Office 365 also syncs perfectly with your Office suite, allowing you to collaborate with colleauges easily.
  • Googe for Nonprofits donation - along with popular Google apps such as Google Docs and Calendar, the Google for Nonprofits donation also allows your nonprofit to access Google drives which you can deploy to an unlimited number of users as well! You can use Google Drive to easily manage, access and store files through whatever device you're using.


Want to learn more?

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