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Get to Know Iqbal

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I’m happy to announce that our family has grown yet again! Based in our Indonesia partner’s (Kitabisa) office, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Iqbal Hariadi, our new TechSoup Asia agent in Indonesia.

At only 22 years old (as of 2015), Iqbal is a fresh graduate from Universitas Indonesia with a degree in Biology. Though he dedicated his college years studying life sciences, Iqbal is just as passionate towards social entrepreneurship as well, and also, how creativity and social activism can be used to make a positive impact in communities.

Outside the office, Iqbal is a big book worm and loves to read self-help books such as those by Stephen Cophey’s or Seth Godin’s, or perhaps a nice fun Manga (Japanese comic book) like One Piece. Besides reading, Iqbal also likes to pen his own pieces as well.

So, if you’re from a nonprofit in Indonesia and you’d like to learn more about TechSoup Asia, or you so happen to have some questions in mind, just feel free to shoot Iqbal an email at and he’ll help you sort things out.