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Wix: Easily Create Websites for Free

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Looking to create your own website? You might want to check out Wix, it’s a free, cloud-based tool that can help you create an unlimited number of stunning websites, without the need for writing even a single line of code!


Anyone can use it

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Wix’s strength lies mainly on how it simplified the entire process of designing websites. With Wix, the entire experience of creating a website is now as easy as creating designs in Canva - everything is just a simple click away! 

On the other hand, if you’re ever having any problems, don’t worry! All throughout your entire web development experience, there’s this constantly present help button (?). This button will help guide you on an entire range of things from as simple as how to begin up to how you can add additional items such as new pages, apps or other whatnot.        

To top that, Wix also has a ton of free content you can use. From a library of royalty free pictures to even a gallery of customizable website templates, these are all at your disposal to help get you started.


Extended functions

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Don’t be fooled by Wix’s simplicity. Besides being an extremely user-friendly tool, Wix also boasts of additional functions that can really give your websites a big boost in terms of functionality:

  • App market

Through its app market, you’ll gain access to a wide collection of free widgets which you can add to your website. Some examples of these widgets include comment boxes, Facebook like buttons, SEO analytics, a PayPal button and even an iframe app that can allow you to add widgets that aren’t included in the app market.


  • Mobile web development

Another great function of Wix is that it automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your website, which you can easily access through a click of a button.

On the other hand, your mobile website is initially just your desktop website compressed to a smaller screen. That said, I’d highly suggest for you to regularly check your mobile-version every now and then, just to make sure it’s properly formatted.


  • E-Newsletter

Be able to keep your supporters in the loop through Wix ShoutOut. It’s an additional function of Wix that allows you to create simple newsletters directly from your dashboard. Wix ShoutOut can be sent to a maximum of 5,000 recipients per month, all for free.


  • SEO tools

To help you increase your web traffic, Wix also provides some tools that can help boost your visibility in web searches (limited to Google searches for the moment). You can easily do this by typing in additional information such as a brief description, identifying keywords related to your website and even adding meta tags.

On the other hand, if you’re new to SEO like me, Wix’s SEO Wizard is one tool that you should definitely try. In the SEO Wizard, you’ll be asked for two phrases that you’re expecting people to use to find you in Google. From there, Wix will analyze if the contents of your website (e.g. title, pictures, header, etc.) are appropriate, and will even provide suggestions to improve your website’s overall searchability.


Some limitations

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As awesome as Wix may sound right about now, it’s also important that you should be aware of its limitations as well:

  • Domain

If you’re using a free account, you won’t be able to customize your domain. That said, Wix will automatically provide you with one in the following format: www.(full name) website’s title)

Let’s be honest, domains under that particular format aren’t really the easiest ones to find, let alone remember. That said, it might affect your overall searchability, most especially if you haven’t been able to use the SEO tools yet.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you’re entirely compelled to stick with that particular domain. Users with Premium Wix accounts can actually customize their own domain, or even link their Wix-website to a previously existing domain, if ever.


  • No auto-save function

Though this might not be much of an issue, it’s still definitely worth taking note of. The lack of an auto-save function, besides being a bit inconvenient, can also make you really vulnerable to losing your work during unexpected problems with your computer or internet connection – or if you ever just happened to have forgotten to save at all. That said, do remember to save your work regularly.


  • Limited subpage level

Last but not the least your Wix websites are limited to accommodating only a single level of subpages. Simply speaking, coming from your main menu, you can only add a single level of subpages for each link.

To better illustrate this, take for example your main menu consists of two parent links: About Us and Contact Us. Though you can add more sub-items under About Us, for example Vision and Mission, you won’t be able to add additional sub-items that will branch out from Vision and Mission.

Though this might not be initially troubling, this can be a big concern for bigger organizations which already have a rich history and a ton of content to include in their website


Ready to try it out

With all the limitations considered, Wix is still an extremely powerful tool and it’s definitely worth trying out. Once you’re ready, just head on to and sign up for an account, don’t worry as it’s all entirely for free!

Lastly, I developed a website of my own using Wix just to give you a good glimpse of what you can do with it. Feel free to check it out by clicking here.