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3 Biggest Trends of 2015


Social media, digital security and mobile technology – these are but some of the biggest buzzwords that could describe the technology scene this past year. As we go on to plan for the upcoming year, how about we first take a look back on the year that was, so that we can get a better sense of where we are headed come 2016.

Covering all the nooks and crannies of the technology scene last 2015, here are the three of the biggest tech trends and buzzwords that could determine how 2016 would look like.


A more powerful like page

If the developments in Facebook this past 2015 were any indication, 2016 already looks rather promising as early as now. Most especially, as we’ll be expecting the addition of a direct fundraising and donate function to be added to nonprofit Facebook like pages in the foreseeable future.

Call-to-Action (1).jpg

With that still long in the future though, we’ve also had some significant developments in our like pages as well this past year. Initially, the biggest development so far was the addition of the call-to-action button which allows you to link your page visitors from Facebook like page, straight to your online shop, mobile app and so on.

In addition to the call-to-action button, 2015 also marked the introduction of lead ads. In simpler words, lead ads are basically paid ads that can allow you to survey your audience about their personal info and other necessary details, if they’re interested on what you’re advertising. What this spells for nonprofits and businesses alike is an easier and more convenient process of data mining – wherein it’ll be the audience themselves who’ll be providing their information directly to you – thus, making it easier for you to perform any follow-ups.

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