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The Safer Online guide is here! Created especially for nonprofits, the Safer Online for Nonprofits Guide is packed with practical tips that you and your nonprofit can start using RIGHT NOW to keep yourself and your organization safe.


Each day we find our gadgets playing an increasingly significant role in both our personal and professional lives. With every new app, cloud service or website, comes new and innovative ways as well to make our lives even more convenient.

Disaster planning

As we in the US slowly begin to recover from the deadly tornadoes that hit Oklahoma state, we are reminded of the challenges many charities face in being prepared for the next natural disaster. NGOs are generally under-resourced, and just getting the most basic technology functioning can be a hurdle, let alone being prepared for disaster.



Security devices like firewalls are the front line of defense for your network. Learn about some common features of these devices and important considerations before implementing one in your network.

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