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Upgrading non-profits through TechSoup Asia


We at TechSoup Asia believe that non-profits deserve nothing but the best kinds of technology. Worried about the cost? Don’t worry, we got it covered. Want to know more? Here are a few points to note:

Empowering your organization is just a click away

Almost, if not all, of our services can be accessed through our website. This way we can assure you that your non-profit can have access to tech-solutions whenever, wherever.

  • We speak human
    Dealing with technology doesn’t have to be complicated, we guarantee you that. So don’t be afraid to chat with us and we’ll help you not only understand but also learn how to deal with technology.
  • Every computer counts
    Not confident with your computer? Well we are. The simplest of computers could go a long way. But, they also need the right tools to do so. Keep in touch and we’ll help you get those tools.
  • Everything you want and everything you need
    Aside from providing you software donations for only 1-4% of the product’s original market price, we also reinvest the fees that you pay to fund free web seminars to teach you how to use them.

So then, are you ready for an upgrade? Register now and together let’s save the world, every single byte of it, through the help of technology.