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New Microsoft Office now available!



The latest version of Microsoft Office is here! Eligible not-for-profits, charities and libraries can now request Office Standard and Office Professional through the Microsoft Software Donation Program.

New Office

Microsoft Office offers a number of new features and benefits over Office 2010, including:

  • Direct integration with Microsoft SkyDrive
  • New graphics options
  • The ability to open and edit PDF files in Word
  • The ability to sync across several devices, which means you can start working on a document on your desktop and then continue where you left off on another computer, laptop or tablet.

If you have received a donation of Microsoft Office through TechSoup Asia that included Software Assurance (and it is still current), you can upgrade to the latest version of Office at no additional cost.

Order Microsoft Office today!

Microsoft Office Standard includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote. The latest version also adds SkyDrive Pro for cloud file storage and sharing.

Microsoft Office Professional includes all the applications from Office Standard, and adds Access, InfoPath and Lync.

What's new in Office?


One of the most interesting new features of Office is its integration with the cloud. Microsoft Office Web Apps let your staff and volunteers create, edit and share documents online.

You can add comments to a Word document, and colleagues can respond to them directly within the document or via email or Skype.

You can even start working on a document on your desktop computer, then continue right where you left off on a different computer or tablet.

Microsoft Word 2013 for Charities and Not-for-profitsWord

One addition to Word that you'll notice right away is its treatment of PDF files. For the first time, you can open and edit a PDF in Word. It's paragraphs, lists, tables and other content will act just like Word content.

Word includes new templates and design tools, plus it automatically remembers your location in the document as you work. This means you can close a document and come back to it later, continuing your work at the same spot, even on a different computer. Word also now includes the ability to reply to comments within a comment.


Microsoft Excel 2013 for not-for-profits and charitiesExcel

The latest version of Excel helps you explore your organisation's data in a more intuitive and visual way. Excel recommends charts and graphs for you based on the data you're trying to display, and it allows you to display selected workbooks collaboratively via Lync.

Plus, Excel learns and recognises your patterns and auto-completes your remaining data without macros.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for not-for-profits and charities


As you build your slideshows, PowerPoint suggests variations on your colour scheme and template while you are working. It also includes new tools to help develop and align text, graphics and imagery.

This updated presentation tool also includes an improved Presenter View and a PowerPoint web app that allows coauthoring of presentations by several people inside and outside of your organisation.


Microsoft OneNote 2013 for not-for-profits and charities


Your OneNote notebooks are now built to move with you, thanks to the new cloud integration. The notes you take on your desktop or laptop computer will be accessible from any other computer, as well as your tablet and smartphone. You can use OneNote Mobile apps on Windows Phone, iOS and Android phones. If you're using a web browser, just open the OneNote Web App.

OneNote now also allows integration of pictures, video and Excel spreadsheets into your notes. Plus, include links, webpages, maps and sketches into your note taking.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 for not-for-profits and charitiesOutlook

Outlook features new and improved ways to handle your email accounts, coordinate staff and volunteer schedules, manage your social networks and keep yourself organised through to-do lists.

The new version of Outlook also includes "Peeks", which let you take a quick glance at your schedule, as well as a calendar sharing function so others can see when you're available.

Another neat new addition to Outlook is the weather bar, which lets you view the forecast right within Outlook, helping you plan your day and any upcoming travel.

Office is optimised for Windows 8

Donated Windows 8 for not-for-profits and charitiesEligible organisations can also request donated upgrades of Windows 8 in English, Chinese (Simplified) or Thai. With a new mobile-friendly design that features sleek tiles in the place of conventional icons, Windows 8 is a complete rethinking of the Windows environments. It keeps some aspects of what we are all used to from Windows 7, but it drops the "Start" button in favour of a new app-integrated look and makes it easier to sync with cloud-based services.