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Disaster Planning - Are you prepared?

Disaster planning

As we in the US slowly begin to recover from the deadly tornadoes that hit Oklahoma state, we are reminded of the challenges many charities face in being prepared for the next natural disaster. NGOs are generally under-resourced, and just getting the most basic technology functioning can be a hurdle, let alone being prepared for disaster.


TechSoup has always been a strong advocate for disaster prepardness. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf region in 2005, we wrote a disaster recover guide specific to NGOs. Since then, we have updated it with more information about preparing for disaster, and not just recovering from one. With generous support from Symantec, our latest update is available in e-book format, all available free of charge. We also were able to translate the full guide into Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian for TechSoup Asia organizations.


If you have any questions or comments for us regarding the guide, feel free to email us with your suggestions and ways we can improve our programmes.