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Knowing where to turn

Epic Youth Society of Malaysia
"we know where to turn to in the future" - John-Son Oei, President, Epic Youth Society


The Epic Youth Society is a nonprofit that is dedicated to promoting the development of both rural and underprivileged communities in Malaysia. They are able to do so through inspiring, mobilizing and empowering ordinary citizens. Currently, they have already built 14 homes and mobilized over 300 citizens.

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Though TechSoup Asia’s software donations weren’t able to help in hammering nails or  putting up walls to construct homes; our respondent John-  Son Oei shares how the donations made a significant impact nonetheless.


Originally, the problem of the organization was lacking the “software to run administrative operations within our organization” John-Son noted.

Through simple software donations including Microsoft Office and Symantec AntiVirus; John-Son notes that now “The problem has been solved”.

John-Son adds how the software donations are able to help their organizaiton on a daily basis. He says “We are currently using the software  donations in order to execute our daily task whether it be writing letters or tabulating data”.

Aside from helping the organization address their everyday administrative problems, John-Son shares another way the donations were able to help.  He identifies how these donations can benefit an organization in the long run. He shares “Definitely it helped in terms of saving funds so that we could  use it on other pivotal parts of the organization.”

All in all, when asked to describe the entire experience: “TechSoup was able to aid us in our time of need because it was extremely efficient and  helpful in the registration process to the delivery of product. Beyond that Techhsoup even suggested to us many other software which we didn’t know  about. That was extremely helpful and comfortingbecause at least we know where to turn to in the future.”