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What tools can help you raise money and rally support for your cause through an online auction? We take a look at the software tools that are widely used in the nonprofit sector.


Enlist your supporters to fundraise for you! A number of online tools make it easy for staff, or anyone eager to help your organization, to set up individual donation pages to engage friends and family in a fundraiser. In this update of the 2009 article A Few Good Tools for Online Distributed Fundraising, we asked six nonprofit technology experts for advice on the tools and best practices that make this fundraising technique work.


Accepting payments by credit card is not necessarily difficult or expensive. We provide some tips and tools to process credit card transactions, both on- and offline, for organizations of all sizes.

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This inaugural post highlights the big nonprofit technology stories of 2012, including making websites viewable on mobile phones, using mobile phones more in the workplace, cloud computing, social media fundraising, foundations and Microsoft donations, greater self-sufficiency among NGOs in developing countries, and some cutting edge things like hackathons. This was an original December blog post by TechSoup's Jim Lynch:


It can be hard trying to get people in your network and community to donate or get involved in fundraising activities. This is especially true if you only reach out to them when you need something from them.

There are three obvious and often forgotten tricks to having a successful fundraising event.

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By Glenn Fajardo, TechSoup

TechSoup Asia was inspired by the *Weekend Movement in Malaysia. We gathered many of our partners and collaborators for a weekend of rapid prototyping of new ideas to help NGOs better use technology for social impact.

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As I read case studies, blog posts and participate in sessions, I imagine replacing the term "social media" with "direct mail" or "email marketing." Has anything really changed?


There is little argument that email and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming mandatory tools for supporter outreach. These communication channels provide nonprofit organizations with an immediate and effective way to solicit, cultivate, and engage donor support.

From a pure fundraising standpoint, email and social media channels are only effective when the recipient is able to respond immediately to a CTA (call to action). At best, your CTA message is going to be read once, so if that message is compelling enough to cause the recipients to donate, then they must be able to do so immediately.

So what can you do?


As you think about how to grow technology capacity and recognize that increased fundraising will be a key part of that growth, think creatively about ways to leverage resources you already have at hand to lay the foundation for an effective and compelling technology request to funders. Here are six different ideas nonprofits can use as starting points.

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