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Microsoft Go Digital Singapore

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With a successful Technology for Good conference last December 10, TechSoup flew back to Singapore last 21 April to co-host Go Digital, a whole day event from Microsoft comprising of 2 back-to-back half-day sessions on Office 365 and Dynamics 365. As a follow-up event to the larger conference last December, Go Digital focused on giving a deeper discussion about the two product donations through the help of both experts from Microsoft & partners alike.

Starting with the Office 365 session, over 40 attendees representing 29 unique charities were treated to a host of hands-on demos by Bao Fa Yap (Microsoft Singapore) and Riwut Libinuko (Cognizant Singapore). In the demos, the charities experienced a live preview of Office 365’s many collaboration and communication features ranging from co-authoring & mobile support through Office online to hosting virtual team meetings via Skype for Business, and how these would help the charities in common work scenarios.

The Office 365 session also served as a platform for charities to directly ask the resource people, Bao Fa & Riwut, about common questions they have about Office 365 and its many features. These questions included differences between SharePoint & OneDrive, various available subscription plans for charities and accessibility features, to name a few.

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Following the morning session on Office 365, Adrian & Nidhi from Microsoft Singapore took center stage to talk about Dynamics 365. Joined by 33 attendees from 24 unique charities, the Dynamics 365 session sought to introduce how Dynamics 365 – the latest addition to Microsoft’s growing list of product donations – can help charities.

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Going through a variety of scenario-based talks, Adrian & Nidhi went through the essential features & capabilities of Dynamics 365’s versatile functionality. These included its CRM functions and how Dynamics can help track your contacts’ details & provide insights to help you optimize interactions and on a more interesting twist, the introduction of automated chat bots that can assist charities to respond to queries from beneficiaries.

In summation, Go Digital was yet another successful event which TechSoup has co-hosted with Microsoft in Singapore. In line with Microsoft’s Modern Non-Profit campaign – empowering nonprofits globally with technology – Singapore organizations can expect more events & learning opportunities such as this and the Technology for Good Conference to come their way.