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Microsoft Volume Licensing - administration and permissions

The roles applicable to licensing IDs associated with Microsoft's donations are:

Administrator: Can perform all actions associated with a licensing ID and assign specific roles to others.

Licensing Info: Can view details about a licensing ID. However, since donations through TechSoup Asia are limited to the licenses requested through TechSoup Asia, this information is only marginally useful.

Product Keys:  Can obtain product keys needed for installation and activation.

Download: Can download or order installation software.

SA Manager: Can manage Software Assurance benefits.

Subscriptions Manager:  Can access MSDN, TechNet, and Expression subscriptions.

The VLSC also shows the OLS Manager role. This role can manage online services, which are not currently available through TechSoup Asia 

Adding Users and Managing User Permissions (Administrators Only)

Administrators can assign licensing IDs to a user and determine their roles and permissions for each licensing ID. Newly assigned permissions could take up to 2 hours to be reflected in the VLSC.

Follow these steps to add a user that is not already assigned to a licensing ID.

  1. Either click Add New User on the Manage Users page or choose Administration > Add User. The Add New User page appears.
  2. Enter the new user's email address, first name, and last name, check the roles you want to assign to them, and click Add. The new user will receive a notification email.

Managing User Permissions

  1. Choose Administration > Manage Users to display the Manage Users page.
  2. If there are outstanding requests for permissions, they appear in the Pending Requests section. To respond, click the request number to view the details, select Accept or Deny, add a message to the requestor, and click OK. The user will receive a notification email to inform them of the status of their request.
  3. The lower half of the Manage Users page displays all users assigned to your licensing IDs. Click the user's email address to display the Edit User Permissions page. On this page, you can add a licensing ID, change permissions for a specific licensing ID, and remove a licensing ID.

Viewing Permissions and Requesting Permissions from the Administrator

Individual users can view their own permissions, request changes to their permissions, request access to a new licensing ID, and remove a licensing ID from their profiles.

Viewing Permissions

Choose Settings > My Permissions to view the My Permissions page.

Requesting Permissions from the Administrator

  1. Choose Settings > Request Permissions to display the Request Permissions page.
  2. In the Licensing ID Access section, select Commercial from the Program list and type the licensing ID in the Enrollment field.
  3. In the Permission Role Requested section, check the box for each role you want assigned. If there are specific permissions within the role, a dialog box appears, and you must select the permissions and click OK.
  4. In the Confirm and Send section, add any explanatory message you want to send to the administrator.
  5. Click OK. The administrator for this licensing ID will be informed via email of this request and can approve or deny it. You will receive an email notifying you of the administrator's action.

Removing a Licensing ID from Your Profile.

  1. Choose Settings > My Permissions.

  2. Click the X next to the licensing ID you want to remove.