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Ginny Mies shares how telling your data visually is now easier than ever with the help of web-based infographic tools. She recently had to create an infographic for a project. Having very basic design skills, she was looking for something intuitive and easy to learn that could create an attractive final product. After surveying many of the programs out there, she found a few that meet these requirements. Ginny writes:

Tools for Creating Infographics, Charts, and Diagrams

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This inaugural post highlights the big nonprofit technology stories of 2012, including making websites viewable on mobile phones, using mobile phones more in the workplace, cloud computing, social media fundraising, foundations and Microsoft donations, greater self-sufficiency among NGOs in developing countries, and some cutting edge things like hackathons. This was an original December blog post by TechSoup's Jim Lynch:

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The Adobe for Nonprofits has just joined the TechSoup Asia family! Eligible charities and nonprofit organisations can now request donations of a range of Adobe software which will help take your design, graphics and video editing to the next level.

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Check out this recorded webinar and others on marketing, technology planning, fundraising, and other top nonprofit topics.

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Sign up, or check out recorded webinars on marketing, technology planning, fundraising, and other top nonprofit topics.

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Now that our programs are available in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, we’d like your feedback and insight in improving our programs and services to more nonprofits and charities.

Whether you’ve been a member since we launched or just joined, you are among thousands of organisations we serve which can benefit from receiving software and support via our technology donation and content programs.

Please take 5 minutes to visit our one-page survey so we can better understand your needs.

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Looking to better leverage web-based and “in the cloud” solutions as your nonprofit team works remotely? TSG partner Charity Technology Trust (CTT) was just featured in the Guardian website’s Voluntary Sector Network blog, sharing their latest tips for remote working as the 2012 Summer Olympics descends on London.

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