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SMS and Voice Campaigns with engageSPARK

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Creating online surveys or information blasts is quite easy nowadays thanks to cloud tools such as MailChimp or Survey Monkey. But, what if the community you’ll be reaching out to have neither an internet connection nor the devices to connect to one? Will your organization be willing to roll up your sleeves to go to the site personally?

Saving you from all that leg work and man hours is engageSPARK, an easy-to-use, dynamic, cloud-based tool that allows you to send SMS-based or Voice-based info blasts or surveys from your browser to your recipients’ in just minutes no matter what kind of phone they have!


Unparalleled Accessibility

What makes engageSPARK standout is its ability to make your messages easily accessible to all your recipients. Relying on SMS and voice recordings, engageSPARK allows your organization to eliminate the original worries related to sending out info email blasts such as in internet connection and a device to connect to one.

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Looking to gather data? engageSPARK can also help you conduct surveys by sending out SMS- or Voice-based questions. Using feature phones, your recipients can send in their responses through either personalized SMS’ or by a simple click of a button while listening to the voice survey.

Worried about the costs being a barrier for your recipients to send in their answers? Well, don’t! Through engageSPARK, you can set up separate numbers for each response. Your recipients can then do a missed call for the number representing their response. Through this, you can allow your recipients to contribute to your survey without costing them anything! Alternatively, the recipients can also do a missed call that triggers engageSPARK to call them back with the Voice-based survey.


Easy to Use Cloud Platform

Do all of these sound complicated to you? Well, they’re actually not! Being a cloud based tool, all you’re going to need to use engageSPARK is a browser, an internet connection, a free account, and that’s about it - no installations whatsoever. Setting up your SMS or voice campaigns can be just as simple too. These can be created through the portal itself while being guided by a three-step wizard every step of the way! It takes just minutes to build and launch interactive campaigns, anywhere in the world!

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Adding to its convenient setup, engageSPARK also offers other features such as real-time reports to allow you to track your campaigns progress, your own virtual phone number to increase your campaign’s global reach, and variations to your SMS/Voice campaigns such as polls, announcements, periodically sent curriculums or SMS auto replies to address your dynamic needs.


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Looking to learn more about how engageSPARK can impact your nonprofit’s work? Perhaps the example set by Mercy Corps and how they used engageSPARK to send out 1,000,000 voice and SMS messages to the typhoon stricken Leyte, Philippines can give you a few ideas! Learn more about that here >>

All sound good to you? Well what are you waiting for? engageSPARK is available in over 200 countries so just go ahead and sign up now for a free account by clicking here >>