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Posted by Jed Dominic Adao on 26/06/2015 - 15:56 Categories:

Are you looking to support grassroots organizations in Vietnam?  The Vietnam Causes website is the only online, searchable directory of local nonprofit organizations operating in Vietnam.

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Posted by Jed Dominic Adao on 30/04/2015 - 10:07 Categories:

Hi there!

I'm Eli, the Community Manager for TechSoup’s NetSquared, a global volunteer-run network of nonprofit technology meetups. Every month our chapter leaders bring together the local nonprofit community for live events that share best practices and case studies of how technology can be used for social good.


We’re currently looking for people to join our NetSquared community as co-organizers

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Posted by Jed Dominic Adao on 28/04/2015 - 10:25 Categories:

Creating online surveys or information blasts is quite easy nowadays thanks to cloud tools such as MailChimp or Survey Monkey. But, what if the community you’ll be reaching out to have neither an internet connection nor the devices to connect to one? Will your organization be willing to roll up your sleeves to go to the site personally?

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Posted by iqbalhariadi on 24/04/2015 - 10:23 Categories: News

Filled with a series of talks and demos, Office 365 roadshows serve as any nonprofit’s venue to learn all there is about Office 365 -  in just one full day! Originally held by TechSoup in the UK and in the US, TechSoup Asia added yet another country to the growing list by partnering with Tech Impact (also TechSoup’s partner for the UK and US events) to hold the very first roadshow in Singapore, and be it in all of Asia as well!

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Posted by iqbalhariadi on 31/03/2015 - 13:39 Categories:

Coding is for everyone that was the key message of #WeSpeakCode in Jakarta.

#WeSpeakCode is a week-long series of workshops hosted by Microsoft, the YCAB Foundation and TechSoup Asia, which are specifically dedicated to introducing coding to students, women and nonprofits.

In its session last 25th of March, I had the pleasure of joining over 30 delegates coming from various nonprofits at @america Pacific Place in Jakarta, for a day packed with workshops and talks, all dedicated to helping everyone to learn more about coding.


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Posted by Jed Dominic Adao on 30/03/2015 - 17:23 Categories:

RightsCon Souteast Asia, the biggest summit for activists and techies had come and gone last 24th to 25th March in Manila, Philippines. Standing as an enormous success, over 50 countries were represented by the whopping 650 experts that came in attendance, all to talk about how everyone can work together to make the internet a safer place for generally anyone.

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Posted by Ethan_Kim on 25/03/2015 - 13:55 Categories:

직원들이 여러 지역들에서 일하나요? 설치 및 업그레이드 같은 IT 지원들에 대한 한정된 예산을 갖고 계시나요? 직원들과 봉사활동가들이 스마트폰 또는 타블렛 같은 개인 기기를 통해 일할 수 있도록 요청하나요? 귀하의 단체는 클라우드로 이전할 준비가 되어 있을 수 있습니다. 하지만 전체적으로 온라인으로 이전하는 것에 대한 불안감이 있을 수도 있죠. 특별히 민감한 정보를 다루는 경우에는 더욱 그럴 수도 있습니다. 마이크로소프트 Office 365는 귀하의 단체가 두가지를 다 제공합니다: 아무 곳에서 접속해 클라우드를 통해 설치된 소프트웨어와 동등한 기능들을 보안된 환경에서 협력 가능하도록 합니다.

Office 365의 혜택:

Office 365는 귀하의 직원들이 이미 익숙한 Office의 워드 프로세싱, 데이터 분석, 통신, 그리고 생산력 기능들을 더욱 향상시킵니다. 아래는 몇가지의 주요 혜택들입니다:

Posted by Jed Dominic Adao on 17/03/2015 - 16:27 Categories:

TechSoup is proud to announce the newest version of Adobe's Elements bundle, containing both Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13.

Both programs are lighter editions of Photoshop, Adobe's popular photo-editing application, and Premiere Pro, its robust video-editing application.


Is It Right for My Organization?

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Posted by Jed Dominic Adao on 03/03/2015 - 16:15 Categories:

Is your nonprofit looking for a unique learning opportunity? Well then, heads up guys as Netsquared has finally been launched in Manila, Philippines!

Through Netsquared, nonprofits, government organizations, funders and basically anyone who’s interested in using technology for good can now connect and learn from one another through regularly held casual meetups!


A unique learning opportunity

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Posted by Jed Dominic Adao on 02/03/2015 - 12:28 Categories: Communicate and Collaborate, Email and Messaging, Internet and Web

Looking to develop your nonprofit’s own regular newsletter? With a hefty experience of creating those under my belt, I’m pretty excited to give you a hand with yours!

To begin, you should know that newsletters can be a lot of work. Creating one would require you to regularly do these three things: gather content, draft a layout and then send it out. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s supposed to be! But, let’s be honest, eventually it gets a bit tedious and time-consuming if you’re not using the right tools. But don't worry though, I'll help you sort that out through Mailchimp.

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