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Microsoft Tech4Good 2016 in Malaysia


Nowadays as the internet becomes the main connectivity medium, no one can skip out from rapid changes of technology, hence why Microsoft came up with the initiative “Tech4Good” day, to help us especially nonprofit sector, to contribute more to society by working smarter to achieve more.

Tech4Good is an annual event courtesy from Microsoft and it is hosted all over the country and for this year it was held on May 31st at Microsoft Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Previously was known as NGO Connection Day where it’s also platform for NGO to connect each other, besides training and information sharing.

This year, there was a whopping number of 127 participants from 87 unique NGOs that attended to talk about Microsoft's Office 365 donations for NGOs. Interested in applying for this free service from Microsoft? Learn how you can register your organization here:

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During the event, wer were really glad to have been graced by YB Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, whom even launched the event. She saw TechSoup as a good initiative in combining various donors in single platform to make it easier for non government organizations (NGOs) to access them.

As fundraising is most common topic among charity organizations, we also had Ms. Nikki Kinloch, Chief  Executive Officer of who flew all the way from Singapore to do their sharing. Through their fundraising platform, users are allowed to do peer-to-peer fundraising, making the fundraising easier if the one involved is a celebrity or a well-known person with a following.

Event was then followed by a sharing session from the perspective of actionmakers. Hayati Ismail, who currently runs the Food Aid Foundation, an initiative primarily relying on crowdsourcing, shares that crowdsourcing is an ideal funding solution as it allows for time efficiency and allows for more transparency, as traditionaly, donations are then published into shared stories with videos and photos, documenting the impact of the donations made. While others see difficulties in building credibility in the online method,, she see it in different angle and focuses instead on the capacity to share the story and how online methods allow for better communication between NGOs and donors. Lastly, TechSoup Asia-Pacific's Managing Director, Simon Gee, also represented TechSoup Asia-Pacific as a software resource for the local NGO sector.

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The highlight of the event was when Mdm Jasmine (Director, Corporate, External & Legal Affairs of Microsoft Malaysia) Skype with Daiana (Regional Microsoft) during closing session. During that, I even heard someone talk mention "owh… with this Skype for Business, there' no excuse to skip the meetings anymore, since anyone can join the meeting from anywhere as long as you are having connection!" It may sound funny to you (if you are familiar with it), but to most in attendance, it stood as a new way to connect with more people.

Lastly lets us reflect on this quote “Tiada siapa paling pandai dan paling bodoh di dunia ini kerena setiap yg pandai itu boleh menjadi bodoh dan setiap yang bodoh itu boleh menjadi pandai”.

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