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For nonprofits and public-serving organizations on a budget, commercial software can sometimes be prohibitively expensive or unnecessarily complicated. Yet by teaming up with software developers, nonprofits around the globe are creating free, open-source applications to suit their own needs — and are releasing them out to the community for anyone to use.

By: Rohish Lal

Microsoft Office 2007 is the latest iteration of Microsoft's suite of office productivity applications, such as Word, Excel and Outlook. This article looks at what Office 2007 has to offer.
Computer networks can range from a simple peer-to-peer network to a more complex client-server network. While a complicated network can generally perform more advanced functions, it requires more involved planning, particularly in regard to the server application.

By: Tom Jelen and Russ King

This article explains what is in the new Ease of Access Center and how to find it. Also covered is the new speech recognition engine built into the Windows Visa™ Operating system.

By Jon Gooday, AbilityNet 

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