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Microsoft Project

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Lack of coordination can be extremely detrimental to the productivity of a team. Avoid mismanaging your teams through Microsoft Project, a versatile project management software that can help users designate and track tasks, allocate resources and manage project portfolios.


Products available in the Microsoft Project range:

Project Standard can help organizations delegate tasks, allocate resources, track progress and share information. In addition, Project Standard can also be synchronized with SharePoint Foundation to allow users to publish task lists and independently update task statuses.


In addition to all the capabilities of its standard version, Project Professional can also allow organizations to integrate it to the Project Server and Project web app for additional enterprise level features such as the ability to visualize performance through dashboards.

Project Server is perfect to help medium- to large-sized organizations. Through Project Server, organizations can easily manage their project portfolios and proposals and visualize performance through dashboards. In addition, Project Server also provides a mobile site where members involved can easily check the status of their projects/tasks via their mobile devices.

Client Access Licenses, or CALs, authorizes users or devices to access the services of the Project Server. Device CALs authorizes one computer or device regardless of the number of users, while on the other hand, User CALs authorizes specific users regardless of the device they're using.