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Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC) Basics

First-Time Registration at the Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC)

To retrieve and manage your Microsoft volume licenses, you must first register and accept your agreement at the VLSC. You must use Internet Explorer as your browser. The terms and conditions of the agreement for your TechSoup Asia donation are slightly different from those shown on the VLSC.

To register and accept your agreement:

  1. If you don't have a Windows Live ID, sign up at
  2. Click Sign In Now.
  3. Enter your Windows Live ID email address and password; then click Sign In.
    VLSC checks whether you are a registered user.
  4. If you aren't a registered user, confirm your business email address. This must be your organisation's email address with TechSoup Asia (the email address to which this message was sent).
    You will receive an email that welcomes you to the Volume Licensing Service Center and asks you to validate your information.
  5. Wait at least a quarter hour, and then open this email and click the link to validate your email address.
    NOTE: The VLSC sends this email after your user account is created, but there is a lag before the VLSC makes the terms and conditions available.
  6. The link opens the VLSC page for accepting the terms and conditions of your Open License Agreement. To do so, select the appropriate options from Country of Usage and Languageand click Display. If your country is not listed, select United States.
    If your language is not listed, select English. After your review the License Agreement, enter your name and click I Accept. To see the agreement text in other languages, visit the Microsoft Open License Agreements page.
    NOTE: If the terms and conditions do not appear immediately, wait for a while and click the email again. It might take up to 48 hours for access to be granted. Keep the validation email and click the link in it again after a 48-hour period.

Retrieving Keys and Managing Licenses

To retrieve license keys: sign in to the VLSC and choose Product Keys.


  • All the product keys for current or previous versions of your products appear on this page, although the product names will be slightly different from the names used by TechSoup Asia.
  • For products with both KMS and MAK keys, two separate product key lines will appear on the page.
  • Remember that not all products have product keys. Some server products and Microsoft Math have setup codes. Usually setup codes are printed on the installation disc or sleeve or they are displayed on the screen after you download the software. Other products have the codes embedded in the media, and you do not have to enter them during installation. License-only products such as server CALs do not need installation and do not have product keys.
  • If you try a key and installation does not work, it is likely that you chose the key for a different product, even though the name is similar. Try one of the other keys shown.

For details on how to use the VLSC to download or order installation software, manage benefits such as Software Assurance, and assign permissions to others, choose Help from the VLSC menu bar and click the name of the FAQ that relates to your question.