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Tips on Cloud Remote Working Solutions

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Looking to better leverage web-based and “in the cloud” solutions as your nonprofit team works remotely? TSG partner Charity Technology Trust (CTT) was just featured in the Guardian website’s Voluntary Sector Network blog, sharing their latest tips for remote working as the 2012 Summer Olympics descends on London.

CTT’s Richard Cooper writes, “Like other London-based organisations, we've had to consider how to cope with the expected impact of the games on the capital's transport system. Originally, we were thinking about how we could make work more flexible for our staff. Like many organisations some of our staff travel a long way to work. More than half are based outside London and several of them are also part-time.” With the right planning, and solutions including Microsoft Office 365, a voice-over-IP telephone exchange system, and GoToMeeting, the CTT team can all work and collaborate effectively outside of the office.

But testing and training is also key, and Richard points out, “People work in different ways and technology always has unforeseen consequences. Don't be afraid of technology. Get staff to try the new systems and be prepared to make changes to accommodate the way people work.” Read more here at the Guardian.

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