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Free Microsoft tools for your creative side

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Microsoft offers a number of free tools to help you work smarter. Here's just some of the creative tools Microsoft make available.


Microsoft PhotosynthMicrosoft Photosynth is an amazing tool for creating panoramas and synths. Snap lots of photos of a scene, throw them at Photosynth, and it will figure out how they fit in 3D space. Then you can use your web browser to scoot around the scene, and zoom into the details at the original resolution of your photos. It also does 360 degree panoramas beautifully.

This is a unique way to share cultural treasures, natural beauty, an event, or an exhibition. Go and have a look now to see the potential of Photosynth.

Worldwide Telescope

Microsoft Worldwide TelescopeWorldwide Telescope is an online planetarium, allowing you to explore the night sky from your computer as if you are sitting at some of the most powerful telescopes in the world. If you pick a speck that looks like a star and zoom in far enough, you might just discover that it's an entire galaxy!

There are guided tours narrated by experts, school children, and even expert school children! You can even make your own tours, which is a fun way to learn about the night sky.

Photo Gallery and Movie Maker

moviemakerphoto.pngMicrosoft Photo Gallery and Movie Maker let you quickly and easily create photo albums and videos, and share them online on Facebook, YouTube, SkyDrive or Flickr. And best of all, they're both free for Windows users.

Ever had someone blink or laugh in a group photo? Photo Gallery has a special trick to fix just this, called Photo Fuse. Photo Fuse allows you to make several photos of a scene into one that's just wright.

Photo Gallery can even handle RAW format files popular with Digital SLR cameras.

PowerPoint pptPlex

Microsoft PowerPoint pptPlexMicrosoft PhotoSynth and Worldwide Telescope let you swoop and zoom with ease. Why not let Microsoft PowerPoint in on the fun?

Microsoft PowerPoint pptPlex lets you do just that, bringing creativity and pizazz to your presentations!

Creative Commons plugin for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2010 Creative Commons PluginDo you want to publish your creative work under the Creative Commons licence? The new Microsoft Office Creative Commons plugin lets you easily embed Creative Commons licences in your files, with a series of easy to understand licence templates that you can apply to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.