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Hootsuite: Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts Easily


HootSuite is an online platform, or what’s referred to as a dashboard, that can allow you to manage multiple social media accounts . Alternatively, in its simplest sense, you can also look at HootSuite accounts as a single account that can let you access and manage all of your other social media accounts simultaneously.


How Can Hootsuite Help Me?

If you’re a casual user, who’s in to social media for either personal purposes or to simply develop/manage an online following, using HootSuite can definitely help you save significant amounts of time and effort in managing multiple social media accounts by allowing you to:


  • Access and see everything all at once


Though we can keep ourselves logged in to our social media networks, there’s still that wee bit of hassle when it comes to having to open them individually. Not to mention, the difficulties of going from one account to the other just to check for updates!

With HootSuite, you won’t have to open your accounts individually anymore. By adding your social media profiles to HootSuite, you’ll be able to easily access all of these just by logging in to your HootSuite account. This gives you the luxury of seeing all updates from all of your social media accounts in one place!


  • Post content across multiple social media networks


You won’t have to bother visiting each of your social media accounts just to post content anymore. With HootSuite, you can just write your message then choose which social media networks you’ll be posting that message afterwards. It’s pretty convenient, right?


  • Interact with your audience from different social media networks

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HootSuite can allow you to easily interact with your audience across different social media networks. Armed with an efficient and user-friendly interface, you can make use of personalized tabs which can be filled with streams of your own choosing.

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Simply speaking, streams are like a bunch of miniature Facebook newsfeeds that compile updates on a particular activity (e.g. messages, retweets, posts, etc.). For example, the direct message stream (DMs) collates all of the direct messages you've received via Twitter while the private messages stream collates all the messages you've received via Facebook.

The ability to choose which streams you’d like to fill a tab can help you better organize your dashboard, thus making it significantly easier for you to check for updates so you won't miss any chances to interact with your audience!


  • Learn the ropes with HootSuite University


Lastly, HootSuite also provides its users access to a collection of learning materials referred to as HootSuite University. The materials you can find in the HootSuite University can tackle a wide array of topics from instructions on how to use certain Hootsuite features to some useful best practices in social media marketing.

Access to the HootSuite University varies on your account, though. A 2-day trial of the HootSuite University is available to all free accounts. On the other hand Pro accounts have 30-days trial while Enterprise accounts have unlimited access to it.



Ready to sign up?

Free accounts can accommodate up to over five accounts from various social media sites. But, if you’re looking for more features, you can check out their paid plans as well!

Sounds great? Feel free to sign up at  

On the other hand, if you're looking to learn about the more advanced features of HootSuite, do try reading HootSuite: Social Media Muscle for the Power Users