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HootSuite: Social Media Muscle for the Power Users


Atop the convenience provided by HootSuite in helping you manage multiple social media accounts, it also has some features that can appeal to the power users who are using social media for more sophistacated marketing campaigns.

From team-based management to collating analytics, here are some of HootSuite’s more advanced features which can seriously give your social media campaigns a big boost:


  • Create teams 


Picture taken from Hootsuite's product page

For bigger organizations, you can choose to create organizations and invite people to help you manage your social media networks. Furthermore, you can even organize the people you’ve invited into smaller teams for better coordination.



Picture taken from Hootsuite's product page

In line with creating organizations and teams, administrators of the organization/team can also set permission levels among its members. Permission levels can dictate the actions you can or cannot do within HootSuite. Also, this allows the administrator to curate the content its members are planning to post through requiring their approval first.


  • Collaborate with your team members

Working as a group can get messy when you lack coordination. That’s not the case with HootSuite, though. With HootSuite, you’re provided with these features to help you coordinate with your group:


The ability to assign tasks is a simple yet immensely effective feature, most especially if you’re working with a big team with members of varying expertise. Through this feature, not only will you be able to ensure that the work load is divided equally , but also, you’ll be able to assure that the right person is working on the right queries.


Picture taken from Hootsuite's product page

Aside from assigning tasks, HootSuite also allows you to track your group’s activities through letting you know which posts have been responded to or have been assigned already. Through this feature, you'll be able to avoid doing things twice. Thus, helping you and your team to be more productive and even save time and energy in the process.


Picture taken from Hootsuite's product page

Lastly, HootSuite’s dashboard also has an internal messaging system that can allow you and your group to communicate in real time. You don’t have to wait for meetings or for emails anymore as you can resolve group issues immediately via your chatbox!


  • Schedule posts by the bulk


Have tons of tweets to post in the next few days? Perhaps you have prepared some ads to post for your marketing campaign? Have these all done at once through HootSuite’s bulk schedule updates. You can easily do this by uploading a CSV file which should include the date you’d like the message to be posted, the message itself and the link to your campaign (optional). 


  • Gather analytics for various social media accounts


Are you about to make that regular marketing report? HootSuite can help you get your hands on all the data you’re going to need! HootSuite can provide you with the analytics of your social media accounts that you’ve added to your HootSuite account. You can even download these analytics reports as either a PDF or a CSV file.

Note: Looking to learn more about analytics? Try reading Know Your Audience: Guide to Facebook Insights as well.


If you’re up to it, HootSuite can also allow you to customize your own analytics report. This makes it significantly easier for you to create a single comprehensive report that can include data across different social media accounts!

Free HootSuite accounts are provided two reports at a time. On the other hand, some analytics reports are purchased through HootSuite points. For more information about this, simply visit HootSuite’s Help Article on Analytics.

Sounds Great?

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