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Security in Real Life: Numbers,Tools & Returns


Each day we find our gadgets playing an increasingly significant role in both our personal and professional lives. With every new app, cloud service or website, comes new and innovative ways as well to make our lives even more convenient.

On the other hand, as the role of computers, smartphones and tablets in our daily lives grows, unfortunately, so would the number of threats to it. With thousands of new malware introduced every day and stories about massive data breaches swarming around us (e.g. recent Heartbleed snafu), technology has now become as seemingly treacherous as it is helpful.


Spend Wisely, Invest in Security

Let’s not let the threats overwhelm the countless benefits, though. To do just that, investing time and money on acquiring capable security software would serve as a good start.

So, if you’re from a nonprofit that’s registered and qualified in TechSoup Asia, here are some of the essential security applications that you should consider investing on:

  • Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus is your go-to-tool to help defend yourself from both malware and lurking spywares as well. With a 57.5% increase in total malwares introduced daily in 2013, according to Kaspersky lab; Norton Antivirus can definitely help you fend off these hordes of malware to keep you, your gadgets and your data safe!

Get it for Windows or Mac

  • Norton Internet Security

According to Symantec, over 78% of public websites have vulnerabilities in them. On top of that, over 16% of which had critical vulnerabilities that can allow unauthorized people access to your sensitive data! With Norton Internet Security, you’ll be able to know which websites are safe and also be able to fend off other web-based threats through security ratings and pop-up warnings for fraudulent websites, and, additional fortification against SPAM.

Get it for Windows or Mac

  • Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013

Dubbed as the year of the mega breach, Symantec reported that over 552 million identities were exposed last 2013. To avoid being a victim of data breach, you can fortify your networks with Symantec’s Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013.

Aside from the essential antivirus and antispyware protection, it also comes with an Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and fortifications for your firewall. All in all, these will keep all your organization’s sensitive data locked up and out of any unauthorized person’s reach!

Get the Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013


Some Security Alternatives

Aside from the three, there are also other Symantec security software donations available for TechSoup Asia registered and qualified organizations. Be sure to check out the Symantec Desktop catalogue for software for individual computers, or, Symantec Enterprise catalogue for networked computers.

On the other hand, there are also some very capable alternatives that you can download for free. These include some household names such as Avira, AVG and Bitdefender. To help you assess which free alternative would best suit your needs, be sure to read’s Best Free Antivirus Software 2014.


A Few Good Stories

Beyond protecting you from cyber threats, running on good security software can also yield tangible returns as well! From added productivity to saving money usually spent on repairs and maintenance, all of these goes to show that being secure is just the beginning.

To let you know how far these returns and added benefits can go, here are the stories of some Philippine nonprofits whose investments on security software have provided for them benefits and opportunities of various kinds!

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