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Free Apps to Boost Your Marketing Materials

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Looking to boost your nonprofit’s marketing materials? Let me help you do that with just the use of your mobile devices! From as simple as giving your pictures a bit of a twist up to animating your own videos, be able to do all of those with these FREE and easy to use apps.


Tablet Photography: Create Your Own Resource

When it comes to marketing campaigns, your cameras are undeniably one of the most important resources that you’ll immediately have available, so be sure to make the most out of them! Now, if you’d like to give your images a bit of a twist, here are some nice apps that you can use:

  • Photosynth

Microsoft’s Photosynth is my go-to-tool for creating wonderful panoramic images. Not only is it free but it’s also extremely easy to use as well. Also, by signing in to your Microsoft account, you’ll be able to share your ‘panos’ to the entire Photosynth community. In addition, you can also search the same community for creative commons pictures that you can use as well.

Photosynth is available for iOS and Windows.


  • Lomo All in 1

On the other hand, Lomo All in 1 is a great free app to try as well. It’s basically your one stop shop for common lomography tools like fisheye, vignette and multishot. Also, Lomo All comes with filters you can directly apply to your lens, giving you the feel of actually using special films – just like in actual lomography!

Lomo All in 1 is available for iOS devices.



Post-Processing: Preparing for Sharing

So you’ve already got a couple of photography tools in hand, time now to give a little gloss to those resources to prepare them for publicizing. To do that, here are a couple of post-processing apps I’d highly recommend for you to try:

  • Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a very reliable tool for those who are looking to play around with their pictures. This app gives you the essential tools for quick fixes such as filters, frames and edges. In addition though, unlike most post-processing apps, it also provides you the ability to modify individual aspects of your image to give you a professional finish. These include sharpness, vibrance, clarity and even red-eyes, to name a few.

Photoshop Express is available for iOS, Android and Windows.


  • PicsArt

PicsArt on the other hand is your all-around image-editing tool that boasts with a robust set of features. Besides the cliparts and filters, PicsArt will also provide you some essential editing tools such as free crop, color curves, clone, paintbrushes and even light masks!

PicsArt is available for iOS, Android and Windows.



Time to Publish: Developing an Array of Output

The pictures alone can already work wonders just by posting them up on your website or social media. But, if you’re looking at going another step higher, here are some apps for your iPads that can help you make the most out of your pictures:

  • Design Pad

Beginning with Quark’s DesignPad, this app allows you to create an array of print materials such as business cards, flyers and even brochures directly in your iPad. The app is filled with preloaded materials such as stocked photos and even layouts to make the entire process as quick and as easy as possible. DesignPad output can be exported in either PNG or PDF.

DesignPad is exclusive for iOS.


  • Storehouse

If you’re looking to experiment a little, Storehouse might be a good app to try as well. Storehouse is an app that allows you to write your own story while accompanying it with pictures and even video clips. Somewhat resembling a blog, Storehouse can allow you to easily create a layout with just a simple pinch or a swipe. Once you’re done, you can share your story via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Storehouse is exclusive for iOS.


  • Adobe Voice

Lastly, let’s not forget about the one-of-a-kind app that is Adobe Voice. This app allows you to easily create and narrate your own animated videos in just a matter of minutes. You can load in your pictures or select from their wide range of royalty-free pictures and music to help make your project look even better! You can share your output through social media or you can also embed them into your blogs.

Adobe Voice is exclusive for iOS.



Do you have any apps in mind?

If you have apps that you would like to recommend to other nonprofits, just feel free to leave a comment below. I'm very eager to learn about them, and, to share them as well!