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Miscellaneous Partner-Specific Issues

Have issues that are particular to a donor partner? Check out these quick tips to help you get these questions or inquiries sorted out in no time!



  • What are Microsoft Get Genuine Operating Systems?

Microsoft Get Genuine Operating Systems are the full, stand-alone version of a Microsoft Operating System that can be used for computers without any operating systems, or to replace counterfeit or non-Microsoft operating systems.

Placing a request for Get Genuine Operating Systems entail a special process. First, it's important to take note that you can only place a request for these once in your entire registration's registration to TechSoup Asia. So, it's highly suggested to request for the maximum allowable number of 50 licenses, or, to request for more than what you need to make the most out of this opportunity.

Second, requests for Get Genuine Operating Systems must be placed separately from other software. So, if you're looking to request for Get Genuine Operating Systems along wtih other software from Microsoft or our other donor partners, you're required to provide a separate invoice for all your Get Genuine Operating Systems only, and another one for all your other software requests in order for it to be processed.


  • How can I place a request for Microsoft Office 365 donations?

Microsoft Office 365 donations for nonprofits are directly provided by Microsoft and are not coursed through TechSoup Asia. To get started, just kindly visit this link: Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits

The donation process begins by requesting for a free 30-day trial of the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan. During the 30-day period, your organization’s eligibility for the Microsoft Office 365 donation would be reviewed by Microsoft. To learn which organizations are eligible, please see this link: Who's Eligible

After an organization has been successfully qualified for the Microsoft Office 365 donations, they will then be able to choose to either change to the Enterprise E1 plan, or, to maintain their Enterprise E3 plan.

Note: Eligibility review will be expedited if an organization has already been qualified by TechSoup Asia as eligible for Microsoft software donations.


  • I ordered for 10 licenses, why did I receive only one installation kit?

You should only ever receive one set of media disks for each title you order regardless of how many licenses you request. The volume licence keys you access at the Microsoft Volume License Service Center from following the instructions you receive in an Open Licence Confirmation email can be used to licence your products on the amount of computers for which you have ordered licenses.

For example if you have ordered 10 licenses of Office Professional Plus 2013 you will need to use the same set of media and the same volume licence key to install and licence all 10 computers.


  • Can I transfer licenses between old and new computers?

You are able to uninstall licences on existing computers and transfer them to new computers as long as both old and new computers belong to the owner of the Microsoft licences. You have a number of installation attempts you can use with your keys which should be viewable on your Microsoft Volume Licence Service Center account and shouldn't have any issues doing this as long as the software is uninstalled from the original computer.



  • Which Symantec Backup and Recovery product should I get?

Not sure which Backup and Recovery product to get for your organization? Here's a comprehensive look at each one of them to help you assess which is right for your organization: Guide to Symantec Backup and Recovery Products


  • What are Symantec's Backup Exec Agents?

Be able to maximize your Enterprise Security software by learning all about Symantec's Backup Exec Agents and Options through this comprehensive look at each of them: Symantec Backup Exec Agents and Options



  • How can I download and install the Adobe software I requested for?

Once your administration fees for your Adobe donations have been settled, all the necessary instructions and license keys will be emailed to you within the next 10 working days. But, for a detailed step-by-step guide, kindly see this link: Adobe Download and Installation Guide