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Microsoft Software Assurance

Most Microsoft products donated through TechSoup Stock have the phrase "Includes Software Assurance" in the product name. Software Assurance is a significant benefit that adds value to your software donation in a number of ways.

A Two-Year Benefit

For products that come with Software Assurance, your organization will receive benefits for two years from the time of your original donation request.

Microsoft offers Software Assurance only with its volume licensing programs. Organizations such as businesses that purchase software through Microsoft Volume Licensing must normally purchase Software Assurance as a separate option. In support of the nonprofit community, Microsoft has generously included Software Assurance with virtually all of its product donations through TechSoup Stock.
Product Licenses Still Valid After Software Assurance Expires

The Software Assurance benefits are not the same as product licenses. Product licenses do not expire. They are valid for as long as you own the product. Software Assurance benefits expire after two years. They add value to your products but are not part of them.
What Happens After Two Years

Even after Software Assurance expires, benefits that were accrued in that period are still valid:

* Upgrade Benefit: You will continue to be eligible to upgrade to any new versions of your products that were released within the two-year period of the benefit, but you will not be eligible for upgrades to versions that were released later.
* Home Use Benefit: Products obtained within the two-year period can still be used.
* E-Learning Benefit: E-learning students who have started a course before Software Assurance expires must complete it within one year of when they started it.
* Cold Backup Benefit: You can continue to use cold backup software installed before the two-year period is complete, but you cannot install any additional cold backups.

If your Software Assurance benefits have expired and you would like to continue to receive benefits, you can request a new donation through TechSoup Stock for a product that comes with Software Assurance. You can do this only if the appropriate product is available and you are eligible to receive a new donation.