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Mobile Technology Impacts NPOs

Natasha Acteva

Technology is transforming our world and impacts everyone, including nonprofits. According to Business Insider, smartphone sales surpassed personal computer sales last year. Mobile devices can do everything; from research, getting directions, receiving communications, to shopping online.


Use Mobile to Raise Funds

Consider hosting an auction online, which allows you to reach out to donors anywhere in the world, even those using mobile technology. Your audience can bid while commuting!

Mobile phones are a powerful marketing communications tool and allow organizations to directly targeting mobile phone users to increase donations or generate event ticket sales.

There are multiple ways to reach your potential audience via emails, mobile ads, SMS campaigns, and social media and connect directly in real-time. A well-constructed mobile campaign includes easy-to-understand instructions and clear calls-to-actions driving the desired reaction.

"Text-out" campaigns create a buzz using a push marketing tactic, as you are texting-out messages to subscribers. With a text-out campaign, you need to create a promotional message targeting a potential audience.

The SMS will include a web page link (online event registration or donation collection link) for recipients to click on and receive the desired information.


Use Mobile for Events

Use your mobile device to simplify the event registration process, embed QR codes on your tickets, and scan attendees in. Or allow attendees to load it on to their smartphones for a smooth event check-in experience.

Either way, when they show up at your door you just scan them in and keeps track of your guest list.

As an organizer, mobile phones can actually help you keep track of the event. There is a new application coming out from Acteva in a month to facilitate the event logistics and communication on the go.

Organizers can create surveys for the overall event or individual sessions/activities; broadcast real-time push notification messages to selected groups or the entire event audience.

The tool initiates sending out information and updates to attendees on the changes in the schedule, and facilitating their attendees' experience by supplying them with additional information such as nearby hotels, restaurants or cafes, and any other place of interest.

This new application also benefits attendees who can use the application to get directions, design their own sessions, send out messages to other attendees (even after the event is over), and interact via social media.

This solution will allow attendees and organizers alike to take their event interaction to a new level. All in all, mobile technology is evolving and should be incorporated into the event experience.

* Natasha Geraghty-Medved is Acteva's marketing specialist. She has six years of event marketing management and social media marketing experience.

** Image: Two Calls, freeimages