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TechSoup Asia Staff

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Jed Adao, Project Coordinator

Jed works closely with Simon Gee and TechSoup Global in coordinating TechSoup's operations across multiple countries covered by TechSoup Asia-Pacific. His core responsibility is to ensure the efficient delivery of TechSoup's core programs - qualification services technology discounts & donations - and to oversee outreach, marketing & capacity development programs across the Southeast Asian region.

Beyond the desk, Jed is a culinary enthusiast, a fitness nut, a comic book geek and most of all, has an undying love for Batman.

Skype: jeddominic1 | Email:


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Kharidah Mahmood,  Malaysia Agent

Based in TechSoup Asia-Pacific's Malaysia Partner, Yayasan Salam, Kharidah is primarily responsible in promoting the TechSoup Asia-Pacific program in Malaysia. Her day in the office would include providing local support, qualifying nonprofits in Malaysia and reaching out to the nonprofits in Malaysia to help them gain access to the services of TechSoup Asia-Pacific.

Outside of work, Kharidah loves travelling, most especially on long holidays

Skype: kharidah.mahmood | Email:


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Iqbal Hariadi, Indonesia Agent

Based in TechSoup Asia-Pacific's Indonesia Partner, Kitabisa, Iqbal is responsible for reaching out to and also qualifying Indonesian nonprofits who have registered for the TechSoup Asia program. In addition, Iqbal is also responsible for providing local support regarding both the TechSoup Asia platform and program.

On his spare time, Iqbal is an avid reader and is particularly interested in self-help books and comic books. Besides reading, Iqbal also pens his own pieces on his own blog.

Skype: iqbalhariadi | Email:


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Simon Gee, Managing Director

With close to a decade's work of experience in the nonprofit sector, Simon is the former Chief Operating Officer of TechSoup Asia-Pacific's Australian partner, Connecting Up. Since his transition to TechSoup Asia-Pacific, his work has involved devising and implementing various strategies to further improve the TechSoup Asia-Pacific program. Some of his recent work involved further improving TechSoup Asia-Pacific's local support across the region.

Outside of the office, Simon is a big sports fanatic - in general. You can catch him watching all sorts of games ranging from basketball, Australian football, cricket, rugby to even motorpsorts.

Skype: nomisgee | Email:


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Elizabeth Liew, Project Development

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Liz has experience in both the corporate and non-profit sector. Her role in TechSoup focuses on curating relationships with corporate philanthropists and the non-profit community, developing strategic partner networks, scoping project proposals and preparing grant submissions.

Liz loves traveling off the beaten path, immersing in photography, yoga, dancing, and often attempting new vegetarian recipes from around the world. 

Skype: amadfudge | Email:



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Matt Jung, Asia Representative, Program Development

Formerly working with TechSoup's office in San Francisco, Matt Jung has transitioned to TechSoup Asia-Pacific to help spearhead the efforts to expand the software donation program to China.

Matt Jung is also the Chief Operating Officer of, a Chinese traveler's portal that allows them to create customized trips to the top cities in the United States.

Skype: mattjung10 | Email:



Connecting Up Team, Customer Service and Backend Support

The team at Connecting Up are responsible for managing & overseeing the backend of the TechSoup Asia-Pacific website and responding to all inquiries and needs of nonprofits that are part of the TechSoup Asia-Pacific community.