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Mailchimp: Design and Track Newsletters Easily

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Looking to develop your nonprofit’s own regular newsletter? With a hefty experience of creating those under my belt, I’m pretty excited to give you a hand with yours!

To begin, you should know that newsletters can be a lot of work. Creating one would require you to regularly do these three things: gather content, draft a layout and then send it out. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s supposed to be! But, let’s be honest, eventually it gets a bit tedious and time-consuming if you’re not using the right tools. But don't worry though, I'll help you sort that out through Mailchimp.


Introduction to Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-around, cloud-based tool that can help you conveniently develop and manage your electronically distributed newsletters through only a browser. Through Mailchimp, you can both conveniently create campaigns through pre-designed layouts, and, track your campaigns’ performances through Mailchimp’s own built-in analytics system.


Choose Your Campaign

Besides its traditional HTML or plain-text newsletters, Mailchimp also allows you to choose between a couple more variations. First off, Mailchimp allows you to create split campaigns. These are campaigns that allow you to identify the best version of your campaign by testing it on a small portion of your mailing list. Simply speaking, split campaigns allow you to dry a run variety of subject lines, sender names and even send out dates to help you narrow down which would yield the highest open and click-through rates.

More about split campaigns here >>

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On the other hand, if you have a blog site, Mailchimp can also allow you to create RSS-driven newsletters. Ok, does that sound awfully complicated? Don’t worry, it’s not. Simply speaking, this kind of campaign allows you to sync your blog with your Mailchimp account. Through it, Mailchimp will be able to automatically create and send out campaigns to your mailing list, notifying them about your recent blog post.

More about RSS-driven campaigns here >>


Design and Layout with Ease

Let’s be honest, one of the more time-consuming aspects of creating a newsletter would be developing a layout. With Mailchimp though, you can utilize a ton of pre-designed templates and themes to help you skip the daunting part of designing an entire layout.

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On the other hand, if you’re looking to fully personalize your campaign, you can easily do that as well through uploading your own HTML codes. Not familiar with HTML? Hey, don’t worry! You can easily customize your own template by dragging and dropping content holders (for images, text boxes, social media buttons, etc.) to your canvas.

Adding more convenience to your experience is that Mailchimp stores all of your previous campaigns for you. This allows you to simply reuse and customize the layout of a previous campaign, or hey, you can even reuse the entire campaign too if you like!


Going Mobile

With more and more people today opening emails through their mobiles, formatting your e-newsletters to be more mobile friendly should be a major consideration. Thankfully, Mailchimp allows you to easily develop mobile-reflexive newsletters through their drag-and-drop layouts. These drag-and-drop layouts automatically rearranges itself to fit a smaller mobile screen, when of course opened through a mobile device. Talk about convenience, right?


Instant Analytics for your Marketing Needs

Want to develop successful campaigns? Getting data on what content and which campaigns worked well for you will be an essential part of your campaign. Luckily, that’s possible through Mailchimp’s built in report builder.

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The reporting system allows you to get instant, real-time statistics about your campaigns’ open rate and click-through rate. In short, as soon as you’ve sent out your campaign, you’ll be able to immediately track how many people have opened it, how many people have clicked through specific links, and moreover, how many of them bounced.


Sounds good?

Does Mailchimp sound awesome right about now? To top everything is that it also offers free accounts that can allow you to create as much campaigns as you want. These free campaigns can be sent out to a maximum of 2,000 recipients. You can start to create your free accounts by simply visiting >>