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Web Building


If you want to keep friends of your organization up-to-date on events, meetings, and deadlines, adding a calendar to your website is a must. But who has time to design and build a calendar by hand? Fortunately, there’s no need to do that, since numerous online tools make it easy to build, update, and publish a professional calendar on your nonprofit’s website. All you need is an Internet connection, a web browser, and a bit of spare time.This article was updated in December 2009 by TechSoup Staff Writer, Elliot Harmon, based on the original article authored by Brian Satterfield on March 13, 2007.


When planning a new website or updates to an existing one, your first thoughts probably turn to how it will look, what information it will include, and how that information will be organized. Depending on your organization's size and budget, the magic of turning your plans into an operable website may be left to developers, designers, and other web professionals.


You’ve probably heard that creating a website doesn’t have to be hard. Actually, it can be very hard, but with a few tips and techniques the process can be fairly straightforward and, in fact, enlightening. You can build a nice-looking, professional website for your nonprofit without breaking the bank or being an expert, but only if you take the time to consider a few key questions.


While all websites share usability as a common denominator for their success, usability problems are not normally discovered until a user digs into the website. Holding a user’s attention and interest, visually, when they first come to a site plays an important role in keeping them there.


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Let’s be honest. While Adobe makes great programs, they can be daunting to use – and when you’re strapped for time and resources, finding the help you need can be tricky. TechSoup Asia partner Connecting Up put the call out to their Facebook and Twitter communities to come up with a list of ten websites that can help you make the most of Adobe products for your not-for-profit.


Free Adobe tutorial websites

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The Adobe for Nonprofits has just joined the TechSoup Asia family! Eligible charities and nonprofit organisations can now request donations of a range of Adobe software which will help take your design, graphics and video editing to the next level.


A content management system (CMS) makes updating your nonprofit’s website much easier — but what if yours is no good?


Choosing a Good Tool Can Help Your Nonprofit to Highlight Expertise, Engage Constituents, and Share Resources

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Ever wondered how SharePoint can be used for Internet? Extranet? Intranet? And what the differences are? In this webinar, see first-hand the value of social features, team collaboration and SharePoint in real life.

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