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Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office is the latest version of the widely popular office suite. The new version offers a number of advatages over its predecessors. One of which is its perfect integration with other Microsoft tools such as Windows, Office 365 and OneDrive, to help you access your files easily, regardless of the device you're using.


In addition, the widely popular individual applications also boasts of new features as well. Some examples include Word's ability to open and edit PDF files, OneNote's ability to include various file types such as spreadsheets, web pages and even sketches, and also Excel's ability to recognize patterns to help you work even more efficiently.


Products Available in the Microsoft Office Range:


Office Product Suites

Office Standard

The standard suite is comprised of all the essential programs to help you manage, create and edit varyin office files. Included in the suite are the latest versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook (with Business Contact Manager), Publisher and OneDrive Pro.


Office Professional Plus

In addition to the applications from the standard suite, the professional plus suite also includes Skype for Business a communications client that allows instant messaging and video calls; InfoPath, a tool that allows you to send out electronic forms; and lastly, Access, a database management system that allows you to store and track information.


Office for Mac Standard

This suite is comprised of all the essential Office productivity applications for your Mac device. This suite contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Onenote.



Individual Office Products

Visio Standard Professional

Visio can help your organization efffectively create diagrams with through a variety of templates ranging from basic charts up to maps. The Professional version includes additional features which can allow organizations to handle more technical projects, plus the ability to link diagrams to data sources.



Outlook can help your organization manage calendars, emails, contacts and even RSS feeds. This latest version includes a new and innovative feature called calendar sharing. This allows users to instantaneously compare their schedules with others' to find common free times.



Access is a tool that can help organizations to manage, store and track data. Access can be used to create a databases, forms and reports easily without the need for writing any code.



Publisher can help your organization create layouts for both print and online publicity materials. Publisher is also armed with a ton of custimizable templates that can help you instantaneously develop designs for brochures, calling cards and a whole lot more.



InfoPath is a data-gathering program that can help your organization develop customized forms which can be distributed over the web or through emails.



PowerPoint is the widely popular tool that can help organizations develop professional looking slideshow presentations. PowerPoint also provides additional supporting features that can help organizations customize the text, images and even videos that are included in the presentation.


Skype for Business

Skype for Business (formerly Lync) is a program that can help an organization establish better communications among its members through instant message (IM), video conferencing and online voice calls. In addition, Skype for Business also supports file sharing, desktop sharing and even polling during web conferences.