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Skype for Business


Skype for Business is a versatile real-time communications program that can help organizations improve their internal communication systems. Skype for Business can provide its users with connectivity features such as the ability to host video conferences, an instant messaging system and also additional on-call capabilities such as sending out polls, and, desktop and file sharing.


Products available in the Skype for Business range

Skype for Business Products

Skype for Business Server is a real-time communications server. It can provide organizations the essential communication features such as instant messaging, telephony, audio and video conferencing and also integration with Office that can allow users to edit documents in real time, locally or remotely.

Skype for Business is a communications client that works in conjuction with either Skype for Business Server or Skype for Business Online. In addition to the essential functions such as instant messaging and web conferencing, Lync also supports file sharing, tracks conversation history and has an enhanced screen reader support for Job Access with Speech (JAWS) and other similar software designed for individuals with visual impairments.


Client Access Licenses

Standard Skype for Business CALs can authorize users or devices to access the base features of the Skype for Business Server only, which are instant messaging, presence and PC-to-PC audio and video communications.

Enterprise CALs can authorize users or devices to access Skype for Business Server's audio and video web conferencing, desktop and application sharing, room systems and multiple HD video streams.

Plus CALs can only be used in conjuction with a Standard CAL. These authorize users or devices to access enterprise telephony features such as voice telephony and call management.

Lync CAL Suites are sets of client licenses that authorizes users or devices to access the functions provided by Standard, Enterprise and Plus CALs.